Say Something!

On a recent episode of HGTV’s Fixer To Fabulous, Dave Marrs  playfully tells his wife, Jenny “your butt looks good in those jeans.” She smiles and thanks him for the compliment. After what seems like an eternal silence, Dave says “you can also tell me my butt looks good in my jeans, you know!”  While that was a brief interlude in the show, and they quickly got back to home renovations, that scene gave me pause for reflection.

I’m thinking about many women I see at Maze Women’s Health, and one in particular.  She has a stressful job and her definition of a successful day is just getting through the day, with little emotional capital remaining for much else. Her husband is more inclined to express and articulate his feelings for her.  Over the years, he has always been more demonstrative of his affection for her. She is more of a “yup, me too” type.  As the years have gone on this way, said husband is feeling dispirited.

Life and love are truly blessings worthy of gratitude. A good and healthy life and a wonderful love are even more so. We are all human and sometimes we take things for granted even though, deep in our heart, WE know how we feel.  Sometimes, it’s necessary to transform the feelings in our heart into words from our mouth!

We see signs all over about threats to our safety like “if you see something, say something.” Perhaps, to reduce threats to our most cherished relationships, it’s vital to say something in kind to your partner.

By the way, toward the end of the show, Jenny turns to Dave and says, “hey, I like how your butt looks in your jeans .”    

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