It’s not uncommon to hear from our patients that they feel “broken” as a result of their sexual health issues. It’s true, sexual dysfunction can be confusing and isolating. It can stir up feelings of guilt and self-blame and it can wreak havoc on interpersonal relationships.

But I argue – do chiropractors and cardiologists and endocrinologists hear the same? Perhaps they do – I haven’t issued an official poll. But my guess is, people are a lot less critical of their body parts that aren’t sexual in nature.

Is this because of the hypersexual images and content that we find in all types of media? Is it because sex is relational and other organ systems are not? Is it because we’re told that our sexuality holds more weight when it comes to how we identify culturally, sexually, spiritually? What about messages we receive in our homes during early childhood?

Clearly, each person is unique and has their own origin story to tell. No matter the cause, at Maze we will listen and offer support. Everyone deserves to live with dignity and to not feel broken. If you are struggling with a sexual health issue, we’ll do our very best to provide you with comprehensive treatment that can help you feel whole once again.

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