Did You Know?

  • Did you know that there is an app that showcases sexual radio plays? It’s called Dipsea and it. Is. Hot. From aural to oral (and everything in between).
  • Did you know that most women can’t just turn on their desire at the drop of a hat? As a matter of fact, clinical sex therapist Rosemary Basson published a diagram of what she calls “Responsive Desire” back in 2001 which illustrates the steps a woman needs to experience in order to access her sexual mojo. Google it – you’ll feel better.
  • Did you know that some film and tv directors prefer to choreograph sex scenes while others encourage actors to improvise? Details are always laid out in union contracts prior to shooting. If you find this tidbit arousing, feel free to use it as the content of your next fantasy!
  • Did you know, speaking of film and tv, that there is a category of porn that is called “ethical” or “feminist”? These productions are usually written, produced and directed by women. They leave out things like exploitation and violence and leave in the good stuff.
  • Did you know that changing things up in a long-term relationship, like trying a new recreational activity or taking a class together, can spice up your sex life? It’s all about taking chances and being vulnerable with your partner.
  • Did you know that sex doesn’t have to hurt (unless you want it to).

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