Hitting the Reset Button

Taking a step back and gaining a new perspective is never a bad idea. You can apply this to factors in your life both big and small and doing so often results in something positive. Whether it’s a switch-up in our daily schedule, a new workout routine or a move to a new area, re-evaluation allows us to take stock and move forward. This is especially true when we find ourselves in the dreaded purgatory of constriction, otherwise known as “stuckness”.

In order to make progress, we have to be aware of our baseline, or starting point. If weight loss is a goal, for example, we have to step on the scale in order to identify best next steps. Same things goes for financial concerns – you can’t know how to improve conditions if you don’t take a cold, hard look at your spending habits.

We can apply the same recalibration to our sex lives. In fact, there’s no time like the present to do some sexual inventory. Has your long-term partner been touching you in a way that turns you off? Have you been experiencing pelvic pain that’s getting harder to ignore? Would you like to experiment with toys or different positions or even different types of people? 

Just like screwing up the courage to get on that damned scale or forcing yourself to face those unfriendly bank statements, it can be hard to address your sexual needs with a partner or medical provider. But when you establish goals for greater health and personal satisfaction – the effort required is absolutely worth it. 

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