Yes Virginia, Parents DO Have Sex!

Kids bring parents joy and love and hugs and kisses. And they also throw an epic wrench into the sex lives of even the most randy of couples.  As newborns, babies challenge our literal humanity with crying jags and sleep interruption the likes of which rival military torture. Then they begin to wiggle out of those early months, mercifully offering us a chance to catch our collective breath.

But the truth is, privacy and time remain rare commodities. If your child’s a hard sleeper, you’ve won the parenting jackpot (gloating not permitted under penalty of law). For those who aren’t blessed with such a coveted and elusive treasure, getting busy (and scheduling that busy-getting) can be an enormous uphill battle.

Eventually, the kid goes off to school, parents establish routines, and life goes on. Busy schedules at work and at home can all but erase healthy desire and sexual engagement.

So, many seek to turn up the heat. Which is exactly what writer and Professor Lori Jakiela and her husband did after a long day and over a few beers. Her hilarious and touching account of this special effort, “The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrives”, was expertly read by actress Kristen Bell on the New York Times Modern Love podcast, and it’s totally and completely relatable.

If your sex life isn’t the slightest bit sexy at the moment (or hasn’t been for some time), contact us. Whether you’re challenged by your calendar, discomfort or a general lack of interest, we’ve got you covered. Maze can help you find your way back to yourself, to your partner and to the sex life you deserve (whether you have no kids or 10 kids or something in between).

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