Quality Over Quantity

At Maze Women’s Health we treat many women whose chief complaint is low desire. Some women have experienced a slow decline in libido for years, whereas for others it’s almost like a light switch suddenly turned off. Regardless of the onset, in both groups of women I often hear that their partner would ideally want to have sex on a daily basis. This disparity in desire leads to an exacerbation of tension in the relationship.

Couples initially may start out having sex every day but most couples in long term relationships simply don’t. It would be interesting to experiment with having sex with one’s partner every day. Wait a minute, this experiment has already been done and studied. Guess what? More sex didn’t make couples happier; it actually made sex feel more like a chore.

Go ahead and try it. Document your experience and see if in practice having daily sex is still ideal!

We get the whole picture of what’s going on. Learn more about Maze’s sex therapy and how we can help. Contact us for a free phone consultation. 

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