Netflix and Chill

Okay, I’m not advertising Netflix. I am trying to advertise the “chill” part. Often people don’t make time to “just be” with each other and then they expect sex to “happen” spontaneously. It most often doesn’t work that way. People need a bridge between all the unsexy parts of life (changing diapers, analyzing a spreadsheet, arguing with a teenager, dicing tomatoes) and the sexy encounter they want to have with their latest squeeze. They need a bridge and they need a catalyst.  Movies are a great way to do that. Sit down, cuddle up and turn on a film.

We all know that some films do not make you feel sexy. Some even have the opposite effect. It’s true that different people have different reactions to different types of movies. And I do understand that some people can get all hot and steamy from a horror movie while they just make me want to lock myself alone in a bathroom with no windows. But there are definitely some movies which tend to be popular for their ability to create romantic stirrings. If I had a dollar for every time a patient told me how sexy she found The Notebook, I’d be rich.  

Here’s a list of films that can be found on Netflix which are recommend for your next romantic rendezvous. So this might be a good place to start your search for your Netflix and Chill evening. Now you just need a cozy blanket.

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