Finding Your Way

Whenever I use GPS on my phone, it takes a few moments for it to find my location. Otherwise, the app can’t help me get anywhere. 

Sometimes, people avoid coming in for treatment because it can be scary to slow down and see where you’re at on the map; whether it’s an individual issue or something between spouses, knowing your current location is key to then being able to figure where to move from there and what is best route. Perhaps this is one of the limitations of turning to the Internet to get solutions for issues. While there is certainly a wealth of information, the variation and nuances between situations translates into diverse routes. 

Sure, it can be painful to peel away denial and say, ok this is where I am at right now.  But that acknowledgement and reality check opens the doors for getting to where you want to go and no longer feeling stalled in the place you are at. 


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