Make Sex Normal

How often do you think about sex? The best answer –as often as possible. This is the message behind a new website called Make Sex Normal. Make Sex Normal was created by Debby Herbenick PhD a sex educator at the Kinsey Institute. When sex is made normal it implies that sex is totally devoid of any preconceived taboos.  When one talks comfortably about sex, there are major benefits in their relationships, health, and desire.

The Make Sex Normal site lets people submit photos and stories about how they are making sex a part of their everyday lives.

Some ways to Make Sex Normal:

  1. Make a list of all the sexual things you’re curious about, interested in trying, or already know that you like.
  2. Read all about sex- Lit/Erotica is a great way to get both women and men thinking about sex. It can help with fantasies and in turn, help with sexual desire.
  3. Shop Sexier- Visit a sex shop where you can explore new sex toys and learn from sex educators about how to have better sex.
  4. Plan a Sexy Date- Find ways to talk about and explore sex before going into the bedroom. Arrange to go to a sex museum together. Email each other articles about hot sex positions you would like to try.
  5. Be social by surrounding yourself with other sex-positive people. This will reinforce the idea that doing things focused on sexuality in normal.
  6. Visit an erotic art exhibit
  7. Take a poll dancing class
  8. Go to see a burlesque show

Normalizing sex helps to keep sex alive and well.

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