You May Not Need The Vestibulodynia Surgery After All!

So you’ve been told you need surgery for your Vestibulodynia. Maybe you do. And maybe you don’t.  A new treatment protocol might make that surgery unnecessary.

Provoked Vestibuloydynia (PVD) is clinically defined as chronic, unexplained, vulvar pain or discomfort in the vulvar area in response to any type of pressure.  The pain may be in response to non-sexual activities such as inserting a tampon, having a gynecological exam or riding a bike or a horse or it could be primarily connected to sexual intercourse. Once symptoms develop, they may last for years and get more intense with time. These symptoms can really take a toll on a woman’s day-to-day functioning as well as her psychological, and emotional well-being. 

We are so pleased that we are now up and running with our low level laser treatment which has been proven to successfully treat PVD, most specifically neuroproliferative PVD. Until now the main option for treating PVD was extensive surgery with a recovery period of up to six weeks.  The new 820 NM low level laser treatment is aimed at providing an alternative treatment for surgery that is less costly has essentially no recovery time. Treatments are scheduled twice a week (except during your period), for up to 8 weeks.  After the initial appointment, follow up appointments last approximately 20-30 minutes and the best news is that it’s totally painless. So if someone has told you that you need surgery to heal – give us a call! You may not.

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