Women’s Sex Toys: Made by Women for Women

The movement to get more women and girls into science and technology has created the successful STEM movement (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), and the acronym STEM is becoming more and more popular and known nationwide. For centuries these fields have been dominated by men, however the last five years have shown real improvement in women entering these fields.  One area of particular interest to us is women in sex and technology. 

A recent article by the New York Times highlighted a group of women called “Women of Sex Tech.” It would make sense that vibrators and sex toys geared towards a female market would be designed and created by a woman, but that has not been the case. According to the article over 70 % of sex toy companies are owned and run by men, but the Women of Sex Tech are working to change that. The next time you buy a sex toy, you might want to inquire if it was “made by a woman.” Supporting female owned and run sex toy companies can be a great way to ensure women’s success in the STEM movement. 

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