Imagine if you could tell someone how you really feel when they ask, “how are you?”

Imagine if there wasn’t shame in having relationship challenges.

Imagine if there was more normalizing in getting help.

Imagine if you looked in the mirror and thought, hey, I’m good just the way I am.

Imagine if people loved their bodies more.

Imagine if sex wasn’t about performance.

Imagine if vulnerability wasn’t an endangered species.

Imagine if Photoshop was no longer an option.

Imagine if you were in a room of people and no one was looking down at a screen.

Imagine if you looked at your closet and felt like you had exactly what you needed.

Imagine if you were able to forgive people and that old resentment doesn’t poison the present.

Imagine if you could let go of the picture of how you hoped life would be and become free to embrace what’s there instead.

There are so many things that hold people back from feeling like they can be fully here and experience joyfulness.  Relationship satisfaction is influenced not just by what’s going on between the two partners, but by how satisfied the individuals are on their own journeys through life.  Sometimes it’s helpful to ask ourselves what may be holding us back in where we want to go and who we want to be; the answers can be telling and help us cultivate more clarity, insight, and hope.

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