“Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up.”

When it comes to relationships, breaking up is hard to do! Even writing a Dear John letter to stress takes practice, determination, and maybe even some tears.

There are many breathing exercises that can help with saying goodbye to stress. Here’s one I recently came across in Real Simple Magazine:

When your negative voice gets too loud you may end up feeling overcome or unsure of yourself and your stress response gets switched on. Learning to calm that harsh voice can be useful. As you hear that critical voice locate where you hold tension in your body – it could be your jaw, chest, shoulders, stomach etc. Then, put your hand mid chest and focus on its light weight “amidst the discomfort of self-judgement” and guide your breath to that place. Say something affirming to yourself that you truly believe to shut down the harsh voice within. Stay with it as you feel your mind and body becoming calm. Some break ups can be done via post it notes, text, or doormen and some just by breathing!

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