Spring Into Sex

Spring fever is not only about baseball. It’s that time of year when libido rises as well.

A survey conducted by Wet Products demonstrated that 2/3 of its respondents said they were more interested in sex as the weather got warmer. According to Dr. Michael Terman the Director of Light Therapy Unit at the New York Psychiatric Institute, “Spring fever is an ill-defined quantity. By some definitions it means lassitude, by others it means energy spurts and irresponsibility.”

Dr. Terman also said “Spring is the beginning of the end of winter blues. The population as a whole starts to report higher energy levels, decreased sleep, decreased eating and an overall alleviation of depression.” Spring is that time of year when we are exposed to more sunlight. A mere 15 minutes a day of sunlight can make us healthier by naturally increasing our vitamin D levels. Sunlight signals the brain to produce less melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical that tells our bodies to sleep. In turn, less melatonin means more energy.

Spring is often referred to as the “happy season” During spring our bodies make more serotonin.  Increased levels of serotonin are associated with an increase in overall happiness. This change in mood is likely involved in our sudden lust for life and sex during this season.

As the weather warms up we are exposed to more fresh air. We open our windows and are drawn to outdoor activities. As a result, we breathe fresh air. This fresh air equals more available oxygen. Oxygen helps to create energy and increases blood flow throughout our bodies. It clears our brain from mental cob webs which have formed during the winter months.

As we shed our layers of bulky winter clothes we become more conscious of our bodies. This leads to an increase in exercise. Exercise helps to release endorphins.  The more endorphins we produce the better we feel. The better we feel the more likely we are to engage in sex. The more sex we have the longer we live.

Enjoy spring and the fever it brings!

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