Coming Soon Live: Blogcast on Vaginismus

How do we combat an issue that nobody talks about? First step: We talk about it!

Vaginismus is a condition where a woman can’t get a penis (finger, or tampon) into her vagina and is one of those issues that often lives in silence and shame.  Around here, vaginismus is household term, but in society it’s a term that people are clueless about.  Vaginismus is like a quiet octopus that has a leg making waves in every area of your life- your sexuality, your relationships, your body image, your femininity, your self-esteem, your identity, your life fulfillment- and since it can be hard to find treatment, many women resort to trying to build their lives around it. 

Mark your calendars: On Friday, February 24th, we will be having a live conversation hosted by our own Aimee Goldman, RWHNP, Nurse Practitioner, and Kimberly C. (a Former Patient). They will be answering YOUR questions about vaginismus, and discussing symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and post-Vaginismus life. You can follow and ask questions anonymously—feel free to submit your questions beforehand. Whether it’s you who is struggling or you have a friend or loved one you’re concerned about, we welcome everyone.

We look forward to having you join us for this fantastic event!  

Submit your questions (all submissions are anonymous) and watch the conversation live

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