Please, Please Me!

While phones can have a negative impact on your sex life with all the beeps and buzzes that going off, and never mind the black hole that is watching cat videos.   What if your phone could help you get into bed, and get the sex you want?  A free App called PlsPlsMe (Please Please Me) can help you do just that.  The designers of the App worked with the renowned Kinsey Institute of Sexuality to see what could help people improve their sex lives and get the satisfaction they deserve.   As expected one of the biggest barriers to getting what you want, is communication.   This was not news to them, or most of us who work in the field of sexuality. 

The stigma, shame and fear of rejection for asking what you really want in bed is strong, even for people in the healthiest of relationships.   But through PlsPlsMe, you can communicate to your partner in a less intimidating way. The app requires both partners to sign up (you can send you partner an invitation via the app). You then individually answer a series of questions like, “How important is cuddling” or “Do you like being blindfolded?”  Answer options include Love it, Like it, Not so Much, No Way.  You can also come up with your own questions.  While you may not be thrilled with all the answers you see, you will know that they are pretty honest and now he can know that you are turned on by leather, but not feathers.  Whether you have been married for 25 years or just met you can get pleased.

You can read more about it here, or go directly to the App store and get a free download. 

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