“Great Sex” Does Not Just Happen, You Need To Plan

We talk a lot about sex at Maze, and as a center for women’s sexuality that makes sense. Many of our patients come to us reticent to talk about sex, but are relieved they have found a place where they can feel comfortable talking about sex and sexual issues.  We discuss desire, orgasms, pain, etc., but we also talk about the realities of life and sex: the dog in the bed, thin walls, itchy sheets.

New York Magazine has an ongoing series called “Sex Diaries” written and sent in by readers about their “day to day” sex lives. This one in particular caught my attention because I have recently been working with a young woman on just this issue: IBS, sex and a new relationship.  IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) may actually be the unsexist term on the planet. Just not sexy.  No way to spin it as sexy. However, millions of people suffer from IBS and want to enjoy healthy sex lives, which can be especially difficult at the beginning of a relationship when discussing “gas” and “what turns you on” are difficult conversations to have together. This “woman with digestive woes” gives some great pointers, and helps us all realize that “great sex” does not just happen, there is some planning involved.   

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