Shift Happens

Sometimes relationship issues manifest in a dramatic, easy-to-see fashion. But in many cases they don’t and it can take time to notice the degree to which things have changed.  I often hear couples talk about “living like roommates”; sharing living quarters, expenses, and in some cases, children, but connecting to each other in a way that is devoid of sexual and emotional intimacy. Many times it wasn’t a conscious, intentional decision made together, but was the result of small shifts that accumulated over time, translating into a significant gap with two people being simultaneously close yet so far. 

Perhaps this is why so many couples wait years to get help: The decline can be slow and subtle and almost easy to miss. 

It takes courage to acknowledge the relationship needs help, and it can feel daunting to reach out, but know that there may be new possibilities of happiness and connection with your partner. Things can get better. Positive shifts can happen, one moment at a time.  

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