Voices of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is not usually the kind of condition you learn about from a Facebook status, a social event, or in some cases, even a trip to the doctor.   

It typically exists in silence.  In our Vaginismus Forum, there are frequently posts from women sharing not just about the pain of living with unresolved vaginismus, but the added pain of feeling alone with the problem that can carry so much shame.  We meet couples all the time who have been together for years but still haven’t been able to have enjoyable intercourse due to vaginismus, and many of them share this similar sentiment: We have this life on the outside—jobs, vacations, hobbies, community—but then there’s this “secret” about our relationship that we carry around…..Sometimes we talk to each other about it, but often times we just go about our life day-to-day and don’t want to talk about this elephant in the bedroom because it’s so ridden with pain, shame, and anguish.

Vaginismus is painful both physically and emotionally, but you don’t need to suffer silently.

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