No “Normal” Down There

Why is it that so many of us go through our lives without looking deeply at our sexual self? There are few aspects of our lives that produce as much shame as sexuality, and the need to be “normal.”  Society has created this mythical notion of what is “normal” or “ideal.”  The normal weight, the normal height, the normal nose, and we as a society have embraced this idea and go on diets, wear high heels and have nose jobs.  

Every day my patient’s express fear of not being “normal” sexually.  My patients wonder if they are normal “down there” even if nothing hurts.  Guess what? There is no “normal” down there. Vulva’s and vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes. Everyone is truly unique and no two look alike.  Unless you are experiencing pain or irritation and are enjoying your sex life, you are not only “normal” you are great!

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