Do You Really Want to Fix Your Skin Rather Than Your Sex Life?

Sometimes I speak to women on the phone who know in their heart of hearts that they should come in and see us. Even with a brief conversation it becomes clear to both of us that their lack of desire, which is damaging their self-esteem or their relationship, could be helped by coming in for an appointment. But then, often, they’ll say something like “I don’t know, $490 for that first appointment is just so much…”  I get it. Really I do. $490 is a great deal of money. And it isn’t always such an easy decision.  I admit that sometimes I get frustrated. I could go the defensive and explain how $490 is actually not that much money when you figure you get an hour and a half with a therapist and a medical professional, in a beautiful office which we work so hard to keep convenient, private, with warm, welcoming and well-trained administrative staff.  But I digress.

What throws me off is that often these same women are spending significant amounts of money to look good: for a  new blouse, for a face peel, for shoes, for dermatology. And somehow, spending money on their appearance feels more legitimate than spending money on fixing their sex life. Even though,  I think we all know that fixing something as fundamental as your sex life will have much more dramatic ramifications than any of the “investments” on your list. So why is that? Is it because they simply haven’t thought in those terms? Is it because in their heart of hearts they don’t think we can really help them? (Trust me… we can.) Or is it because buying shoes or a blouse is easy. This feels harder.

Whatever the reason, please consider that an investment in yourself and your relationship (or your potential relationship) will have significantly more far reaching impact than anything superficial. And then, come on in.

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