Getting Help Can Be Scary, But We’re Here To Help

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

– Anaïs Nin

If getting help for sexual issues was easy, people would be getting help quicker.  It wouldn’t take months, years, and even decades to find solutions and much pain would be avoided. While in retrospect it’s so easy to ask “what took so long?”, the process can be held up by a variety of reasons.

We’ve heard it all…But here are some of the common reasons we often hear:

  • It was hard to admit to myself that it wasn’t just a phase and that things weren’t getting better on their own.
  • I couldn’t imagine there were other people who have this problem and that there were places to go to get help. I started to just accept that maybe I’m just a freak.
  • I had no idea where to get help…I asked my ob-gyn about it and he/she told me to have a glass of wine, loosen up, and just accept that this is where I’m at in my sex life…or that I’m just not trying hard enough. I felt discouraged to bring it up again to a professional.  
  • I was terrified that my situation was hopeless and it felt better to not know if it was hopeless than risk hearing from an expert that it was.
  • I like to focus on the things in my life that are working. The impressive life I led on paper. Pursuing help for my sexual issues meant being reminded about a problem that made me feel so broken and defective.

We know that getting help can be scary. We get it. But sticking with the status quo is scary too. Many of our patients have shared that they when they came here it alleviated many of the fears that had held them back from getting help. We know that sometimes it’s not a phase, that there are many women who struggle with sexual dysfunction, we don’t recommend a glass of wine as the answer, we don’t believe your sex life has to be hopeless, and we help you enhance and integrate your sex life with the rest of your life so it no longer has to be this quarantined to a dark, ignored corner.  

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