The secret female hormone — Part 2.

In the book, The Secret Female Hormone, the author Dr. Maupin, also addresses the fact that testosterone may only be a part of the puzzle. She writes, “Relationships take work; they don’t just happen. Intimacy is much more than just lust or magical thinking. It may start with infatuation but that does not last. When it eventually diminishes, it must resolve itself into something deeper and more meaningful: something we call intimacy. When a woman’s body ages, she feels the negative impact physically in the language of love, which is naturally one of the most important intimate communication skills. When the body begins to slow down sexually if partners are not open and communicating, if partners have not learned how talk to each other and learned how to communicate love and affection outside of sexual contact they lose connectedness. Then the partners get angry and they isolate themselves from intimacy and friendship. This does not need to happen!”

Dr. Maupin is describing how testosterone treatment is often not enough to treat the problem. She explains how just because one’s sex drive may improve, the communication in a relationship is necessary to get things back on track. I pulled this paragraph out because she addresses all of the aspects of a relationship. I believe this is part of what makes our Center so successful. It is very important for women to look at all aspects of their physiological and emotional selves to more fully understand why they are feeling what they feel and what they need to feel better.

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