Menopause: the whole story.

Menopause can be a confusing and isolating time both psychologically and hormonally, and added to the stress is the fact that sexual side effects of menopause often get lost in the babble about hot flashes. There are menopausal women who will suffer from sexual dysfunction for years, see a rupture in the relationship or avoid relationships altogether, yet they still don’t feel comfortable sharing their suffering with loved ones, close friends, or even their medical doctor.

Unfortunately, menopause isn’t the first time that many women feel confused about their bodies. Just as pre-pubescent girls are often educated about getting their periods, they are still naïve about the ramifications of their surging sex hormones. Many menopausal women have a similar experience, they are educated (usually from their own research or from their doctor) about the technical aspects of menopause, but when it comes to changes in their sex hormones and how that translates into their sexual functioning, many are left in the dark. So they are feeling very confused and frustrated about their sex lives; from low desire, low arousal, problems with orgasm, or painful intercourse. They also fear it will never get better.

Fortunately there are treatments that can help many of these issues and we have seen tremendous results. But for so many women, reaching out for help is the hardest part of the process, since the suffering itself can feel shameful and confusing. Many of our patients say that they wish they had done it sooner; for their partners, for their relationships, and most of all, for themselves.

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