Do beautiful people have better sex lives?


Really. Trust me.

So look here. Yes, I suppose that beautiful people get picked up in bars and supermarkets more than less attractive ones but I don’t think in the end that matters one whit. Some beautiful people are very sexual. Some are not. People who are less beautiful by media standards seem to have just as great a sex life. Some would argue that their sex life is better because they are less intimidating and they get propositioned more often.

I see female patients all day long. And I see absolutely no correlation! I see beautiful women who come in and say “everyone thinks I should be sexy” because I look sexy but I have zero interest in sex. And I see women who would not be considered beautiful or sexy by current standards who have rewarding and vibrant sex lives with their partners.

I will say that I do see a correlation between women who are comfortable with their bodies and women who have good sex lives. Now note, that I did not say “love their bodies”, I said “are comfortable with their bodies.” The sad truth is that most women have issues with some part of their body. They wished their legs were thinner, their breasts bigger or their feet less flat. But even with that, it is possible to come to a level of acceptance of your body, to know that there are parts of your body which are beautiful, and to develop an overall appreciation for all that your body does for you day in and day out. Once you’ve gotten there, you probably will be more comfortable allowing someone else to appreciate your body.

And those people are the most likely to have good sex lives.

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