Jenny & Matt: madly in love.

Jenny and Matt are madly in love. But when they take their relationship to the next level, they discover how difficult physical intimacy can be! Jenny finds intercourse painful and wonders if love always hurts, or if eventually the pain will go away. Matt wants to make Jenny happy, but experiences his own difficulties as well. Luckily for this young couple, help is on the way!

We have created a short animated video to help both men and women understand the basics about vaginismus and premature ejaculation. Oftentimes my patients have consulted with their gynecologists and/or their friends in search of answers and find none. Many gynecologists have no training or experience with the treatment of vaginismus. If you are experiencing pain or if one of your friends has confided in you…please know that help is available! Vaginismus can make a woman feel isolated and debilitated, especially when she doesn’t know help is available — so please consider sharing this video on your Facebook page!

Take a look and let us know your thoughts!

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