Box Docs!

I have been called many things during my career: The Vagina Whisperer, Dr. Ruth, Sex Guru, even a Sex Rabbi! Yesterday, I heard a new one. A patient told us, “I couldn’t wait to see you…I’ve been telling all of my girlfriends that I’m going to see my “box docs!”

Yup, that’s right: BOX DOCS!

We loved it!

I love it when patients feel comfortable enough with us that they can laugh about something that gave them so much pain and anxiety not that long ago. I love it when patients feel empowered by their treatment and in turn coin their own expressions. I love that they think of us as people who are rooting for them and for whom nicknames are appropriate. I love that they can turn something scary into something fun!

I know coming in for an initial consultation can seem really scary. I know you may be wondering how you could possibly talk to total strangers about your sex life. The truth is our patients will tell you that the scariness disappears 10 seconds after walking through our door. I like the old adage, “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” The IDEA of coming here is so much scarier than the reality. Once you begin talking to us you will feel comfortable and it will feel natural.

So take it from the Box Docs: We are here to help you, not to judge you and we will support you through your journey!

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