Have you heard of Betty Dodson? She’s an 80-something woman, author of two books about sex and the self-described Queen of Masturbation. This link was sent to me by one of my young friends in college who always makes me smile, and I thought I’d pass it along:

Bottom line, the author of the article talks about her participation in one of Betty’s masturbation training workshops. These are group where women go to become more comfortable with their bodies, get a better understanding of their genitals and learn more effective ways of reaching orgasm. They get naked as a group and masturbate to orgasm together as a group. In principal I’m pretty supportive of the idea. Hey, we women have to stick together and make more of an effort to get to know our erogenous zones and I’m all for learning new masturbation techniques, but I struggle with the idea of whether or not it should be a group activity.

It’s not that I’m against group masturbation. If that’s what will make you feel more accepted and appreciative of your body, I say “go for it.” I’m just not sure I’d hold it up as an ideal. In the end I believe that sex (even sex with yourself) is a private activity and one that should be treated with a bit more…dare I say it…modesty?

But on the other hand I often rage at the “hush, hush” nature of sex in our society. I get aggravated when people can’t or don’t use the correct words for body parts, don’t talk to their kids about sex, or attach shame to the subject of sex. I just think getting naked and having an orgasm publicly may be pushing the other end of the spectrum.

So…what do you think?

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