I am often inspired by my patients, by their courage to face their issues, by their commitment to the process of getting better and often by their fearlessness to do things that are completely foreign and that make them feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I saw a patient yesterday who did all of the above. When we first met her she was withdrawn and uncomfortable. In her own words she said she was filled with feelings of “guilt and incompetence.” She came to us to treat her problems with desire, arousal, orgasm and pain. She hated to be touched and she thought anything having to do with sex was disgusting.

At her last appointment, she was symptom free and enjoying a great and satisfying sex life with her husband. She said,”I really can’t believe I have become this sexual person.” We remembered together that prior to treatment she avoided anything sexual or anything “girlie. ” She now said she likes to wear lace, dress up and she referred to her vibrator as her “friend.”

It is such a joy to watch someone open up and thrive in this way. She has been so excited by her personal transformation that she now wants to help others with these issues, and that is a beautiful thing to see!

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