Birth control recall.

Pfizer announced the recent recall of birth control pills.  28 lots of the brand name and generic tablets were recalled in total.  Apparently, there was a mix up at the processing plant and some of the packs have tablets that are out of sequence and contain an inexact count of inert or active ingredient tablets therefore increasing the risk for unintended pregnancy.

To avoid an unintended pregnancy it’s imperative to use a back up form of birth control anytime you miss a dose of your birth control pill.  Condoms (male and female), spermicides and the sponge (yes, it’s back on the market) are readily available at drugstores or online at  Although it’s unfortunate for a mistake like this to happen, it’s important to pass along this information to all the women in your life to help avoid unintended pregnancies.

If you use this brand of birth control pill please check the link below for the list of lot numbers affected.  If you find your lot number listed, Pfizer recommends returning your prescription to the pharmacy as well as contacting your prescribing health care provider.

Click here for the FDA press release 

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