Let’s get it on.

The Guide to Getting it On is a book by Paul Joannides. He describes himself as a research psychoanalyst and he writes a blog regularly for Psychology Today called “As You Like It”. He deals with a lot of important issues in both his book and in his blog, however his style in the book is not my favorite.. as a matter of fact, when I first read this book I hated it. I love research and this book is written more like a magazine for teenagers, in fact on the back it has rave reviews from Cosmo and Rolling Stone magazines. However, in my practice at the Medical Center, I often find myself suggesting his book.

When I need a good book to teach inexperienced lovers where to begin, this is the book I recommend. I certainly have couples who are older or who are religious that would find this book offensive or inappropriate, but for most young inexperienced lovers it is perfect. It is very thorough. It really covers almost everything: kissing, anatomy, manual stimulation, oral stimulation, anal stimulation, intercourse, masturbation, vibrators, virginity, cybersex, orgies, pregnancy and sex in popular culture. He works with illustrator Daerick Gross, who is primarily known for fantasy and comic book art. These drawings may or may not appeal to you but they offer an important visual aid for people who find that helpful. The language may not appeal to you (it did not appeal to me!, but I have come to accept that if you want an easily accessible guide to getting it on, this is the book for you.

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