Form and function.

An aspect of the female orgasm that I find compelling is why it even exists. Of course it makes sex profoundly more enjoyable. So from an evolutionary standpoint the more a woman wants to have sex the more her chances of procreating increase. However, unlike the male orgasm which is necessary for procreation, the female orgasm is not.

One researcher hypothesizes that the female orgasm helps maintains vaginal functionality. I would argue with that slightly because you can maintain vaginal health with use which does not culminate in orgasm. However orgasms will potentially make that process more enjoyable.

Another researcher named Baker states, “that the female orgasm has evolved to selectively retain sperm and manipulate competition between sperm from insemination by different men. He argues, “that it could be advantageous for women to be different from each other in their sexual responsiveness, (e.g. to ensure insemination by a highly skilled partner, to avoid pair bonding to a male who is unlikely to invest in offspring.” These are not particularly conclusive studies but the question of why some women do and some women don’t is pretty interesting.

The great news is that with vibrators many women who previously couldn’t, now can.

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