Research on oral contraceptives.

Oral contraception and the vagina: I have a love/hate relationship with the pill!

I love the fact that it allows women to have a sex life without worrying about pregnancy.

I love the fact that it makes birth control fairly effortless and painless.

I love the fact that it’s so easy to access.

I hate the fact that no one tells you it can have a significantly negative impact on your desire, your ability to become aroused and the health of your vagina!

A recent large scale study (1,219 female students in Germany) found that a bit over 30% of women on oral birth control were at risk for some sort of sexual disorder. That’s A LOT of women!

I would love birth control pills more if I felt that the prescribing physicians were more informed about potential side effects. Saying something to patients like: “Most women do fine when they are taking birth control pills. But if you find that your libido is dropping, that you aren’t getting the same sensations you were before starting them, or that you start having pain with intercourse, it may be due to the pill. And make sure you tell me so that we can find an alternate method.”

Now that is what I’d call good, solid sexual health advice!

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