My first time — Medical Center for Female Sexuality welcomes Tara Ford!

Hello Everyone! My name is Tara Ford. I’m a Physician Assistant and the latest practitioner to join MCFS. As this is my first time blogging here, I’d like to give you a little insight on what I’ve discovered. Like you, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. Once I heard about this center, I did what most of you have done…I searched the internet and scoured this webpage!

Although I have experience working in women’s health, I had never stepped foot into a medical center that focused solely on female sexual health. As I’m sure you’ve realized, there aren’t many centers like this that exist in the world! As I read the patient’s testimonials on the website touting success I couldn’t help but wonder, “Are these testimonials about actual, real life patients here?”

When I first arrived at the center, I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff. Everyone I encountered, from the receptionists to the medical staff were friendly and kind. I approached the situation with the mindset of a patient. “Would I feel welcomed by the receptionist when I came for my first visit?” “Would I feel comfortable talking about my sexual health with the medical professionals?” “Are these people actually going to care about what I’m going through?”

The answer to “our” questions is a resounding “YES!”

At this center, you will find a warm, supportive, knowledgeable staff eager to help you; a staff that acknowledges the courage it takes to seek help for a sexually related problem. You have already taken the first step by visiting this website. Don’t wait another day or let another year go by.

And by the way, I asked about the testimonials. Yes, they are based on real life patients treated here! More importantly, there is a space on this website waiting for your success story!

And I look forward to helping you achieve that success!

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