Low hormone levels: always the problem?

Having low hormone levels do not necessarily mean that your desire for sex will shrivel up like styrofoam in a campfire. Sex, and our desire for sex, is dependent on many, many elements and hormones are just one of them.

For most women having a healthy relationship with her partner, being attracted to her partner, having time and energy available, getting enough sleep or having a generally healthy physical profile can all impact desire, and these may be just as important as hormone levels.

Take sleep for instance: if you are so sleep deprived that you cannot stay awake for 10 minutes without your eyes shutting, in all likelihood you will not be interested in or even capable of having sex. However, if you are just tired, most people can still locate their libido with a little encouragement.

The same is true with hormones. Your levels might be a little low. But if everything else is in line, you can probably maintain some interest in sex, even with low hormone levels. If, however, your hormones are way out of whack, or if other things are off kilter in addition to your hormone levels, then you will most likely feel a dramatic decline or absence of interest in sexual activity. At some point, if you are walking around with the hormone profile of a 10 year old, nothing else will make up for it except for the addition of hormones. This can help you achieve and maintain better balance for your body which will effect everything, including sex.

Here’s the bottom line, many factors have the power to put the kibosh on your sex life. So think hard about the ones that appear to be obvious; then check out the others that may lie under the surface.

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