A typical first visit…

Women are often nervous when first coming to the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, because they do not know what to expect. As a sexuality counselor, and the second person a patient will meet after the lovely ladies at the reception desk, I will typically explain within the first few minutes what will happen at their appointment. Sometimes this alone will help put the person at ease. But why not explain now what to expect, so you don’t spend days with anxiety about talking with someone about these very personal problems.

A patient typically will meet two women upon their initial visit, a sexuality counselor and a nurse practitioner, both whom focus on women’s sexuality. The sexuality counselor will take a complete psycho-sexual history and ask many detailed questions about your sex life. This may be uncomfortable for some and easy for others. Next, you will meet with a nurse practitioner who will conduct a medical exam and may draw blood in order to evaluate hormone levels. But be reminded, whether you are talking with the sexuality counselors or nurse practitioners who work at the medical center, we are all non-judgmental regarding sexuality practices provided they do not cause unwanted harm to yourself or others. We are very sex-positive and feel everyone is entitled to a great sex life, however you, the patient, wish to define that.

Sometimes getting to the women’s center is the hardest part. During the initial intake, I have heard from numerous women that they had our number for years, but just made the call now. The relief they express after hearing about our diagnoses and proposed treatments is tremendous, along with regret that they did not take action sooner.

Don’t wait. Sexuality is a big part of any individual, so don’t be afraid to acknowledge that and make the call.

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