Wet spots.

So no one really talks about how messy sex can be. I must say I’ve gotten kind of cynical when I watch movies and the sex scenes begin. The clothing just falls away (what no buttons, zippers or errant hooks?), the penis seems to find it’s entry into the vagina with no guidance (perhaps by radar?) and orgasm is always exactly at the same time. But what always gets to me the most is…there are no wet spots!! You never see anyone squirming over to avoid the drips, squirts or leaks, nor do you see anyone reaching for a rag, a towel, a tissue.


Real sex is so often messy. Maybe we’d be better off if we were just honest about it! Then couples wouldn’t feel embarrassed if before sex they wanted to put a towel down, or after sex wanted to reach over for the box of tissues.

Personally I’m waiting for a movie where you see the couple fighting over the dry spot. But until then, speak up if you need something. Real sex (like most fun things) can be messy!

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