The importance of vacations.

My mother was my first “sex educator” and spoke to me openly about sex, love, relationships and intimacy. When I started progressing in my academic career, my father became more relaxed and also would share words of wisdom about relationships. One of the many things that stuck in my head from them was the importance of taking a vacation with your partner. Couples need time away, together, without the typical stressors we experience at home, such as: work, kids, exhaustion and daily household chores. Vacations offer us a time where we don’t have to worry or stress much about anything. In addition, you are in an environment different from home which can spice things up in it of itself. You can enjoy the alone time without looking around at the list of other things you need to get accomplished. Vacations do not have to be elaborate trips to Europe or Hawaii, although those are wonderful too! You can plan a short weekend or even just an over night stay. Bed and breakfasts usually offer a quaint, romantic setting, often for a reasonable price. Or if you enjoy the outdoors, camping could fit anyone’s budge.

Through the hussle and bustle of everyday life and stress, it is important for couples to take time for themselves and reconnect. Vacations provide insentive, something to look forward to when we are stressed. They also remind us of why we do what we do, why work as hard as we do. And sometimes, we all need a little reminder.

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