Sexting — for adults.

Recently, there has been a lot of negative attention on “Sexting”. Sexting, is sending sexually suggestive text messages via phone. These text may come in the form of written words, or sexual images. This hot topic has been discussed in main stream media because some teenagers have been sending naked images to friends or sexual partners. One teen may possibly be brought up on child pornography charges for sending naked pictures to her boyfriend.

Though sexting has receive negative attention with young kids, lets focus on the positives for adults! Sending your partner a text message during the day about what you want to do to them later that night, can be very erotic and a turn on. Then the rest of the day you can look forward to what might take place. Or after a great night of sex or even dinner, the next day send them a short message to let them know. Don’t be afraid to be a little dirty! You may find it is easier to say “I want to suck/lick your…..tonight” in a text as opposed to out loud…or “I can’t wait to _____ you tonight”. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks. Or even sweet messages to say “I love you” or “last night was so inimate, I have been thinking about you all day”. And if you have a camera on your phone, send some pictures. They don’t all have to be X-rated! Some pictures may be more seductive if you aren’t really showing much of anything. But play with it and have fun! Let the sexplay (aka foreplay) start earlier in the day so you have something to look forward to when you get home.

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