Sex Week at UMDNJ.

This past week,the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey held its 36th annual sexuality program, also known as ‘Sex Week’, for second year medical students. This program offers large group lectures, panelists, workshops, and small group debriefings surrounding various issues in sexuality. Future doctors are exposed to a variety of information on sexuality and learn how to be accepting and non-judgmental of people’s sexual practices. Students practice giving sexual histories and learn how to be sensitive and aware of spectrums of sexuality.

This January program had many sexuality professionals with different backgrounds, such as: medical doctors, sexuality counselors, sex therapists, sex educators and social workers to name a few. This year, ‘Sex Week” was fortunate to have three representatives from the Medical Center to present on sexual dysfunction. Dr. Michael Werner gave an intriguing lecture on male sexual dysfunction and Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus opened up the students’ eyes to many issues women face when dealing with sexual dysfunction. Dr. Shannon Bertha served as the program coordinator as well as the opening lecturer on “Normative Sexual Behaviors”.

Which brings up a good question, “What is normal?” Quite often, students, as well as patients and clients, want to know, what is normal? At the end of the lecture there was only one conclusion…Diversity is normal. Although some sexual behaviors may be different from what you personally practice, as long as people are consenting to a particular behavior, it shouldn’t matter if the behavior is “normal” in society. Embrace your sexuality and do what pleases you and your partner most.

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