Another tip to avoid semen.

To add to a previous post of mine, if you are trying to avoid swallowing the semen of your partner, you may want to try this. When he feels ready and communicates that to you, continue to lick, kiss, stroke, etc. the shaft and testicles. To quote from a favorite movie of mine, “Mind the step children”. Too often, both sexes focus on what they think it is the “main” part, the clitoris, the vagina, the head of the penis. Yet both may enjoy other touching, to the testicles, the sides of the legs, the labia. So when he is ready to ejaculate, focus on the testicles and shaft and stimulate them while pointing the penis upwards so the ejaculate can squirt on his stomach. You can also, while stimulating these parts, cup the head of the penis to catch the ejaculate and rub it into the head of the penis to add more stimulation. Everyone Wins! You are able to avoid the semen and he is still getting stimulation and contact throughout his orgasm.

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