“Use it or lose it.”

The phrase “use it or lose it,” is often used for the vagina. “Is that true?,” I’m asked all the time. Well, in a word…YES!!! Well you won’t LOSE it, in the sense of misplacing it in Virginia, say, but If you don’t put something inside your vagina (say a penis or some facsimile thereof) the muscles in the vagina may very well tighten up and it will hurt later when you do try to put something in. (So you’ll be losing it in that sense.) If you don’t masturbate, have an orgasm, or do something else that stimulates blood flow into the area, you are more likely to be atrophied, have dryer skin and less elastic mucosa, and…you guessed it…it will hurt later when you try to put something inside. So try to make sure that at least once a week, (and twice would be even better) you are “using” your vagina. Then you don’t have to worry about “losing” it.


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