One person at a time…

I received the following e mail anecdote from a fellow sexologist the other day. I thought it should be filed under the headings of “you’re never too old to have a sense of humor about sex” and “you never know where you’ll find help.”


Thought you might appreciate this real life conversation I had today.

My 86 year old neighbor and I were talking in the hallway. We have had coffee before and she knows I changed careers and am now a sexologist.

She whispers to me, “I have something funny to tell you.” We stepped into my apartment and in a regular voice she says “Recently, I met with my physical therapist and were discussing my bones, joints and exercise activity. He tells me that it is okay if I move around a bit. I had the strangest flashback as that was the same thing my first lover said to me some sixty years ago”!

We had a great laugh together and she said she had wanted to tell someone how funny it was, but I was the only person who would understand.

We are always helping to promote a sex-positive world, even if sometimes it is one person at a time!

Pamela Dare Rogers, Ph.D., D.H.S.

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