Sex every night for a year.

The New York Times wrote a review of two new books, both of which chronicled couples as they embarked on a journey of having sex every night. One is called “365 Nights” and one is called “Just Do It.” Interesting to me (and I haven’t yet read the books) that in both cases the it was the wive’s idea and I think (again, I haven’t read the books yet) that they thought it would make the husband happy. Although one couple did make it through the whole year, the other stopped at 101 days.

I am often struck by women who come in with low sex drives. When I ask how often they think their husband’s would want to have sex, they say “oh that’s easy, every night.” And I wonder about that. I think our society puts a lot of pressure on our guys. They should always be ready for sex, they should want it constantly, and they should be eager to perform. If they don’t, hmmm, well then,maybe they are not “real men.” This feels no more fair to me, than suggesting that women aren’t interested in sex!!

I think we should do a national experiment. So who’s in?? (maybe I should talk to my husband — ya think?)

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