So we’re back to monogamy again…someone said to me recently that they are afraid of committing to one person for the rest of their life and I got to thinking about all the studies that say that people with one steady partner overall rate their sexual satisfaction higher than those who don’t have one. So I’m thinking…it’s true, nothing’s perfect but monogamy at least gives you someone to start with! When you are in a long term committed relationship there are ups and downs sexually, (no pun intended, although that’s true too,) and there is often the concern about monotony. The couples who seem to be most successful are the ones who give the issue some thought and challenge each other to try new things out or have sex with variations. Clearly, they don’t think about this all the time, but once a year, or once every few years, someone in the couple take the initiative to “shake it up a little.” Often that can give their sex life a new direction or just a new laugh, which can make a difference for a looonnnggg time.

So those of you who are in monogamous relationships…go for it.

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