I’ve had it on penis size!!

Okay. Listen up folks. The only time penis size really matters is if the penis is too big and hurts the women. In all my hundereds of patients I HAVE NEVER had a woman complain to me that her partner’s penis was too small. Never! I have, however, had a number of women whose partner’s penis was so big as to make intercourse really, really uncomfortable. This is a fairly complicated problem to solve. A “small” penis is truthfully not something most women are going to care about (or even notice, frankly). The vaginal canal is not a big space. As a matter of fact, it’s not a space at all. It’s just “potential space” and it will open up to whatever size penis is introduced. And it will get the same amount of friction no matter what the size. So women, embrace the penis size of your partner. (If it’s too big, you may want to come see us though.) Men, let it be. Your penis is PERFECT.

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