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Welcome to Better Sex Blog. This blog was created by some of the world’s leading experts in the field of sexual health.  Michael A. Werner, MD, FACS, a board-certified, fellowship-trained urologist whose practice is limited to sexual dysfunction and male infertility; Bat Sheva Marcus, LMSW, MPH, PhD and Clinical Director of The Medical Center for Female Sexuality; Melissa Ferrara, FNP, Associate Medical Director for The Medical Center for Female Sexuality; and Shoshana Bulow, LCSW, psychotherapist and certified sex therapist. 

We believe that everyone deserves a satisfying sex life and what’s more, a satisfying sex life is within everyone’s reach. There is so much misinformation, confusion and hoopla, however when it comes to sex, that sometimes the simple basics get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully this blog will include down to earth advice, realistic responses to the latest trends and links to useful information for you, your spouse, your kids and maybe even your best friends.

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