The O shot and caveat emptor.

We’ve been hearing a great deal about the O shot recently. We’re not clear if that’s just coincidental, or because we keep getting marketing e mails and post cards from practitioners. People suggest that the O shot is the cure to a problematic sex life. Whatever the case, I thought I’d put my two cents in. Bottom line, we’re not so crazy about the O Shot.

So what is the O shot?

Well, in order to understand the O shot, you have to understand the G spot. The G spot was named after Dr. Gräfenberg, and is usually about 1-2 inches inside the vaginal canal. People describe it as bean-shaped and spongy and some women say that when it is stimulated, can lead to strong sexual arousal, and powerful orgasms. The O shot “plumps up” the G spot by injecting either collagen, red blood platelets or Risperdal. The idea (and it does make a certain amount of sense ) is that if you make the G spot larger, it will make it more sensitive and will help make orgasms stronger. The problem, however, is that this makes a significant number of assumptions which I don’t think are necessarily valid.

  1. Although some women report a sensitivity in their G spot, in my experience, more don’t. That is, although every woman does have a G spot, some find it to be very stimulating when it’s rubbed and others don’t. Think earlobes. Some women find in incredibly arousing to have their earlobes stimulated. Others really don’t. And that’s fine. That’s just the way each of us is built.
  2. Similarly, O shots assume that the G spot sensitivity will improve orgasms, but not every woman feels like the G spot really affects her orgasm. And that makes sense. A woman’s vagina has about 2,000-3,000 nerve endings. Her clitoral area has about 8,000. But every woman’s nerve make-up is individual and some may have many nerve endings in their G spot than others. So some women might report much stronger orgasms from g spot stimulation, but you’ll find that many women, if not most, don’t.
  3. The O shot assumes that bigger means more sensitive, that is, practitioners suggest that if you can “plump up” the G spot, this will also increase sensitivity. That’s a pretty big assumption to make. Women get collagen in their lips to plump up the lips. I have never heard women say it makes their lips more sensitive. Doctors use collagen in the urethra to help with stress incontinence. Women don’t say their urethra is more sensitive as a result. Making something larger is not adding nerve endings so it’s hard to see how increased sensititivy would be a direct result.
  4. Finally, stronger orgasms are great but they really won’t fix problems of low desire, significant problems with arousal or other kinds of pain. So selling the O shot as a miracle cure which will help fix your sex life is not particularly accurate nor helpful. If they help you have stronger orgasms (which seems doubtful), that’s great but that is all it will do. So please bear that in mind if you are thinking of getting an O shot. Also, remember there may be oral drugs and/or vibrators that can help with the intensity of your orgasms so you should check with your practitioner about that before signing up to put a needle in your vagina. Just saying.